Our Vision

Simply put, we are passionate about pickleball. We started dreaming about an indoor/outdoor pickleball complex with great food and a full bar in mid-2020. Our journey over the next two and a half years took many twists and turns, but we kept one thing in mind throughout: creating the best player experience in pickleball.

With 17 dedicated indoor courts and the best surface, lighting, and nets in the game, we have done just that. Welcome to The Pickle Lodge!

Our Team

Our team is led by Joe Frank, Managing Member and Cofounder of Cincinnati’s Fowling Warehouse, and Mitch Dunn, a 30-year marketing and media veteran and President and Cofounder of the 1,600-member Cincinnati Pickleball Club.

The Lodge is staffed by a team that is passionate about ensuring you have the best experience possible. Don’t hesitate to email us with any questions.

Our Approach

We have built The Pickle Lodge to satisfy everybody from the beginner player to the most advanced players in the region. We are committed to making the Lodge your favorite place to play, eat, drink, and host events.

Like most great lodges, The Pickle Lodge is a place you’ll find yourself wanting to stay. When you’re here, you’re with your people. Like you, they all love the sport, but love the camaraderie even more.