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Say Goodbye to Weather Woes & Hello to Perfect Play

Play On Your Terms, Not Mother Nature's

Welcome to the world of pickleball at The Pickle Lodge, where playing on your terms means politely showing Mother Nature the door. Why battle the whims of the great outdoors when you can enjoy the perfect climate-controlled utopia indoors?

Forget the unpredictable gusts of wind that send your perfect shots into oblivion, the sudden downpours that turn your game into a water sport, or the snow that makes you question your life choices. And let's not even talk about the relentless sun that demands a hat-sunscreen combo, turning you into a walking advertisement for sun protection. Here at The Lodge, our courts are gloriously free from these meteorological mood swings.

Leave your weather gear at home because you won't need hats, sunscreen, or jackets here - just your paddle and your A-game.

Ample, Well Lit Parking Lot

Park easily and for free, so you can start your pickleball experience stress-free.

17 Dedicated & Individually Fenced Courts

Each one has fences for an exceptional playing environment.

Fully Stocked Pro Shop

It would be an unforced error to leave empty handed.

Showers Available

Freshen up and transition seamlessly from the court to your post-pickleball plans.
Pickleball All Day. Everyday.

Our Membership Options

All memberships require a one-year commitment. Memberships will begin the date of registration and cannot be canceled before their end date. You can upgrade at anytime during your membership, but cannot downgrade.

Payments? We've got options! Take it easy with monthly payments or save 10% paying annually.
It's like a discount high-five.

And for the families out there, we've got a special deal – you can have up to four members who live at the same address for just an extra ten bucks a month.


Curious about pickleball? This membership is for you.
  • $8/Member/Hour*
  • $8 Open Play
  • 1 Free Guest Pass/Year

Make Reservations 3-Days
in Advance

Join Now


Ideal for players looking to play often and advance their game.
  • $4/Member/Hour*
  • FREE Unlimited Open Play
  • 4 Free Guest Passes/Year
  • 10% Discount on Lessons
  • $5 Ball Machine Rental

Make Reservations 14-Days
in Advance

Join Now


The ultimate Pickleball experience packed with perks.
  • FREE Member Court Time
  • FREE Unlimited Open Play
  • 8 FREE Guest Passes/Year
  • 1 FREE Lesson ($70 Value)
  • FREE Ball Machine Rental
  • 15% Discount on Gear/Leagues

Make Reservations 21-Days
in Advance

Join Now

Not Ready to Commit?

You do not need to be a member to play at The Pickle Lodge.

Non-members can reserve a court 1 day in advance for $10 to $14 per player per hour. They can also participate in any Open Play session for just $12.

We also have 1-day and a 7-day memberships available.

*The per per member per hour shown is for Doubles (four players per court).

The price per member per hour is doubled to $16 for Singles play (two players per court).

Live. Laugh.

Single yellow pickball isolated on white background.
Single yellow pickball isolated on white background.