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Pickleball? All Day. Pizza? For Sure. Screen Time? Absolutely None.

Summer Camps at The Pickle Lodge

At The Pickle Lodge, we're thrilled to invite your children to our exciting and action-packed summer camps! Our enthusiastic team of pickleball players and pros is ready to provide an unforgettable experience, where kids not only learn the basics of pickleball but also develop a genuine love for the sport. We offer camps to three age groups:

Little Lodgekins (Ages 5 to 7): Our Little Lodgekins enjoy a fun-filled introduction to pickleball, where they'll discover the joy of the game through age-appropriate activities and expert guidance.

Big Lodgekins (Ages 8 to 12): The Big Lodgekins dive into pickleball with enthusiasm, honing their skills and game strategies under the guidance of experienced instructors, fostering a lifelong love for the sport.

Teen Lodgekins (Ages 13 -18): Teen Lodgekins experience intensive pickleball clinics designed to elevate their game, compete at a higher level, and build lasting friendships on and off the court.

Ideal for kids

Tailored for young enthusiasts, our camps introduce the joy of pickleball to kids of all ages in a fun, supportive environment.

Pickleball Stars

Your child will shine on the court with friendly coaching and games that make every camper feel like a star.

Play All Day

Enjoy a full day of pickleball action, crafts, and camaraderie, punctuated by a tasty pizza lunch to refuel and recharge.

Victory Cheers

Celebrate personal growth and teamwork with competitions that highlight newly learned skills and sportsmanship.
Watch your child's confidence soar on the court

We Turn Kids Into Pickleball Fanatics

1. Learn & Play: Each day at our summer camps is dedicated to learning and playing pickleball. Our skilled instructors will guide campers through the fundamentals of the game and take them beyond the basics, helping them improve their skills and understanding of this engaging sport.

2. Kid-Friendly Lunch: We understand that an active day requires good nutrition, so we provide a delicious, kid-friendly lunch daily from Two Cities Pizza. Our campers will have the opportunity to refuel and socialize with friends during lunchtime.

3. Pickleball-Themed Crafts: Creativity meets sport in our daily pickleball-themed craft sessions. Campers will get to express themselves through various art and craft projects related to pickleball, adding an extra layer of fun to their camp experience.

4. 5+ Hours of Court Time: Get ready for hours of pickleball action! Campers will have plenty of time on the court to practice their skills, play games, and enjoy friendly competition with their peers.

5. Mini-Tournament: The week culminates in an exciting mini-tournament where campers have the chance to showcase their newfound pickleball prowess. Each participant will receive a medal as a token of their hard work and dedication throughout the week.

6. Flexible Hours: We understand the needs of busy parents, so we offer early drop-off and late pick-up options to accommodate your schedule and ensure your child's safety and convenience.

At The Pickle Lodge, we're not just teaching a sport; we're nurturing a passion for pickleball in a fun and supportive environment. Our camps are designed to inspire kids, build friendships, and create lasting memories. Join us for a summer filled with pickleball, laughter, and learning!

Set Your Summer to Fun Mode

Mark Your Calendars: Summer Camp Dates & Details

Get the scoop on our camp calendar and pricing—because every champion's journey starts with a plan (and a bit of pizza).


$350/Week per Student includes Lunch (Non-Members)$315/Week per Student includes Lunch (Members)$10/Day for Early Drop Off & Late Pick Up
Maximum 12 Students per Age Group/36 Students Total/Camp. Includes free 2-Hour Family Open Play on the Sunday Following Camp.


This summer, we are offering four weeks of camps:
June 10th - 14thJune 24th - 28thJuly 8th - 12thJuly 22nd - 26th


Regular Camp Hours: 9AM to 5PMRegular Drop Off: 8:30AM to 9:00AMRegular Pick Up: 5:00PM to 5:30PM
Early Drop Off: 8:00AM to 8:30AMLate Pick Up: 5:30PM to 6:00PM$10/Day for Early Drop Off & Late Pick Up

Summer Camp Calendar

By default the calendar below will load to the current month. In order to view the summer camps on a schedule, move the calendar view to JUNE or JULY. Then you can find the week you'd like to register for and select SIGN UP.

Don't Wait! Register today!

There are 12 spaces available in age group per each week of summer camp. In order to register, follow these steps:

For Current Members

1. Make sure you have an active FAMILY membership with your children as members.

2. Visit the CALENDAR section and move the month forward to June or July so that the summer camp dates are visible.

3. Select REGISTER on the Summer Camp you would like to register your child for.

4. Select REGISTER FOR FULL EVENT and walk through the registration steps on the screen.

For Non-Members

1. Create a NON-MEMBERSHIP FAMILY account on CourtReserve. If you don't already have the CourtReserve app, you can download it here for Apple phones and here for Android phones. You can also create your profile without the app using your computer.

PLEASE NOTE: Creating a non-membership family profile will require putting. a payment method on file. The summer camp fee will be billed to that payment method.

2. Once you have created your non-membership family profile, visit the CALENDAR and find the summer camps.

3. Select REGISTER on the Summer Camp you would like to register your child for.

3. When the window opens with the event details, select REGISTER FOR FULL EVENT and walk through the registration steps on the screen.

The Fine Print's
Not So Fine Here.

No Membership? No Problem! You don't need to be a member of The Pickle Lodge to join in on the fun—everyone's welcome!

Flexible Tuition: Change of plans? You can transfer your tuition to another camper or another week of camp up to one week before the originally selected camp kicks off. Just keep in mind, it's non-refundable, so plan accordingly!

Cancellation Policy: Life happens, but if you need to cancel within 6 days of camp starting, please note that your tuition can't be transferred or refunded. Your tuition will be added as credit on your account that can be used at The Pickle Lodge for court reservations, event fees, pro shop purchases, etc.

Pick-Up Policy: We understand life can be a bit unpredictable, so there's a 5-minute grace period for pick-ups. After that, late fees will apply at $10 for every 10 minutes to keep things fair for our staff.