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Open Play

Do You Play Well With Others? Join An Open Play Session Today!

Dive into the lively action of Open Play at The Pickle Lodge! Our sessions, spanning 2-3 hours, are available at various times throughout the week, ensuring there’s a convenient slot for everyone. Skill levels are divided to provide a balanced and enjoyable playtime, specifically tailored for beginners, intermediate players and verified 4.0+ players. We also offer dedicated Open Play sessions for women.

All you need to bring is your trusted paddle – we’ll handle the rest! Due to high demand, these sessions tend to fill up quickly, so securing your spot early is highly recommended. To ensure fair play for all, we have a courteous policy in place: if you win, you split and stay, but if you lose, it’s time to make way for others. Plus, you have the chance to win twice in a row before graciously stepping off the court. And don’t forget to use our convenient paddle racks to save your spot in line!

Nonmembers pay $12 per session, Friend members pay $8 per session, and Fanatic and Founder members enjoy UNLIMITED FREE open play sessions every month.

Click here to view our upcoming open play sessions.

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