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Ohio Pickleball Academy Instructor

Todd Jungling


Meet Todd

Todd’s adventure in pickleball started in 2014 (before playing pickleball was “cool”), and since then, he’s been an unstoppable force. His prowess on the court is matched only by his dedication to the sport as an instructor, tournament desk operator and pickleball influencer in the greater Cincinnati area and beyond. 


As the former “Pickleball Specialist” at the Mason (OH) Community Center, Todd managed a thriving  pickleball program for over 150 seniors. His commitment to introducing the sport to a diverse age group  highlights his inclusive approach to the game. 

Todd currently offers private lessons and hosts clinics at The Pickle Lodge in West Chester, OH, as well as  at outdoor courts across Southwest Ohio. His love for teaching, coaching, and seeing his students  improve and have fun shines through in every session. 

In the world of pickleball, your paddle is a statement of your style and play. Todd wields the Selkirk Labs  Project 002, a testament to his advanced skills and preference for top-notch equipment. 

IPTPA Level II Certification: A Mark of Excellence

Certified in March 2018, Todd’s IPTPA Level II Certification underscores his commitment to excellence in pickleball coaching and playing.

Join Todd for an Unforgettable Pickleball Experience

Whether you’re new to pickleball or simply looking to up-your-game, Todd Jungling at The Pickle Lodge  is a player favorite. His expertise, passion, and encouraging words will make every lesson memorable and fun. 

Ready to dive into pickleball with a coach who has been playing and instructing since before pickleball  was “cool?” Todd Jungling is your go-to pickleball expert!

Click here to book a lesson with Tod.


Whether you're new to pickleball or looking to up your game, lessons with Todd Jungling are a no brainer. His expertise, encouragement and passion for the game will make every lesson memorable and fun.

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