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Pickleball – The Ultimate Family Sport

Uniting Generations on the Court

In the heart of our community, pickleball stands out as a sport that effortlessly bridges generations, offering a unique blend of fun, fitness, and family bonding. The Pickle Lodge has become a hub for this dynamic and accessible activity, welcoming players of all ages, from sprightly youngsters to spirited seniors.

Little & Big Lodgekins: A Starting Point for Youngsters

Our youngest enthusiasts start their journey with the Little Lodgekin program, designed for children aged 5 to 7. It’s all about laying the foundations of the game through enjoyable, active sessions. As they grow, they progress to our Big Lodgekins program (for ages 8 to 12), where the focus shifts to refining skills and understanding the nuances of pickleball in a nurturing environment.

Teens in Training: Fostering Young Talent

Teens in Training is where our young members, aged 13 and up, come into their own. This program is not just about improving their game; it’s about building community, encouraging a healthy lifestyle, and instilling a love for the sport that could last a lifetime.